Want to know Japanese Bass fishing?

Hi! I will introduce about Japanese fishing, especially bass fishing, tackles, culture, techniques, and so on. Please check it out! My main sponsor is “Nories”, that is well known as a main sponsor of Bassmaster ELITE pro Taku Ito.

presented by Tatsuhiko ‘GARUTSU’ Tsugaru

The most popular Bass fishing style in Japan is “Rental boat fishing”.

This is my video that was taken in Lake Takataki, Chiba, Japan.
Many angler in Japan takes this style of bass fishing and It’s called ‘Rental boat style’.
As its name suggests, we can rental these boat with reasonable price. Many of Japanese rental boat house rent a boat JPY2500-4000 per day. We can set trolling motor, fish finder, live well, and so on to the boat. There are various type of lake in Japan and a lot of rental boat lakes are near Tokyo. Some rental boat house supply us boat with big motor, but we can not use big motor in most of lakes around Tokyo because many of Japanese lakes are small. So we only need electric motor.